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WW2 Tinned Food Labels


WW2 Tinned Food Labels. Those labels were used on food containers/tins what were dropped during Operation Manna and Chowhound. One label is dated 1945. Six labels with a small piece.
Operation Manna and Operation Chowhound were humanitarian food drops, carried out to relieve a famine in the German-occupied Netherlands, undertaken by Allied bomber crews during the final days of World War 2 in Europe. Manna was carried out by British RAF units, as well as squadrons from the Australian, Canadian, New Zealand and Polish air forces, between 29 April and 7 May 1945. Chowhound (1–8 May) was undertaken by the United States Army Air Forces, which dropped, together with Operation Manna, a total of over 11,000 tons of food into the still-unliberated western part of the Netherlands, with the acquiescence of the occupying German forces, to help feed Dutch civilians in danger of starvation.

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