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Wireless Set 18 MkIII

Original WW2 Wireless Set 18 MkIII. The WS18 was the standard set used during WW2 for communication between Battalion and Company Headquarters while in forward areas. It was a self contained wireless that was designed to be man-packed. The main cabinet housing the wireless contained the transmitter, received and the primary battery (not present with this example). This WS18 is in good used condition and containes its original water proofcanvas cover and web waist belt, these parts are very often missing! One press-stud is loose from the canvas on the inside. Shoulder straps are present, antenna rods are stored in the sides of the cabinet. The WS18 appears to be repainted, we cannot determine with certainty if that is wartime applied or postwar (looks perfect and you don’t see the difference). Shows traces of usage.

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Weight 2000 g

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