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Solid Fuel Cooker

WW2 British Solid Fuel Cooker. The lid of the tin clearly states the contents as being ‘Solid Fuel Cooker (stand, disc and tablets), instructions inside’. And marked ‘A Metal-Box  container (MB). The cooker consists of three hinged, curved plates that are spread out and a central disc fitted to make a surface on which to put the fuel. The fuel comes in the form of solid fuel discs that can be broken up and burnt for heat. These hexamine discs were particularly good for fuel as they gave off a lot of heat with minimal flame and smoke. A mess tin or tin mug could be stood on the cooker and its contents heated in five minutes. Instructions on how to use the cooker are printed on a tiny piece of paper.

Hard to find complete set, nice for display!

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Weight 1000 g

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