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Royal Artillery 21st Army – MiD – Staff Captain REED


Original WW2 British battle dress tunic worn by Staff Captain Joseph Lenard Reed, 76th Anti-Aircraft Brigade, GHQ AA Troops, Headquarters, 21st Army Group. This is a Canadian manufactured tunic, very popular by British troops due of the better quality. Tunic is maker marked and dated 1945 in size 7. The tunic has a larger damage on the backside and shows some moth damage, furthermore a nice original badged jacket. Ribbons comes with a Mentioned in Dispatches (MiD):

Captain Reed has been Staff Captain 76 AA Brigade since its formation in December 1942 and has proved himself to be an extremely hard worker and indefatigable in his efforts to assist units in every way.The moves and deployments carried out recently by this Brigade have produced many administrative problems and have thrown much additional responsibilty on to the Staff Captain. Captain Reed has srumounted all difficulties, has allowed himself no respite, and has worked exceptionally long hours to ensure, the the best of his ability, the smooth working of the men owes much to Captain Reed’s personal efforts. October 1944.

The 76th Anti-Aircraft Brigade (76th AA Bde) was an air defence formation of the British Army during the Second World War. It landed on D-Day and saw action throughout the campaign in North West Europe. Its guns operated in both anti-aircraft (AA) and ground roles in clearing and then defending the Scheldt Estuary until the end of the war.

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