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Document Grouping – 12 SS Panzer Pionier Bataillon Hitlerjugend


Very interesting original 12-SS Panzer Pionier Bataillon Hitlerjugend. This grouping is named to Kurt Wolfrum with rank SS Mann, born 20-6-1926 in Uschertgrün. Wolfrum fought around Caen. They arrived with their 12 SS battalion around Caen early June 1944. He was heavily wounded on 8th June 1944 as he was in an Sdkfz trying to go to his stab kompanie. The vehicle was detroyed and he was wounded during the air attack. He was then sent to Lazarett. The grouping is made of a lot of documents related to his previous SS life, his SS life in Normandy and also after when he was treated. He wrote after the war the details of the events on paper. The grouping also consists of his Ausweis, pictures and a paperwork for his lost ‘Soldbuch’.

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