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Canadian P37 Trousers – 1943 size 12

Original pair of WW2 Canadian Battle Dress trousers. This pair of trousers is in good used condition, good date and good size! Maker marked WORKMAN UNIFORM CO. Ltd, dated 1943 with size 12, along with a C broad arrow stamp. Tabs for tightening around the ankles are taken off, and the waist is period modified, a common thing for trousers. Waist is approximately 38cm and total length  is 112cm. Perfect size for a mannequin.

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A pair of WW2 Canadian Battle Dress Trousers. The pants is in good used condition, maker marked, dated 1943 with size 4, along with a Canadian C-Broadarrow stamp. Good used condition, shows some wear.

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Weight 1000 g

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