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7/11 Hussars Battle Dress

Very rare to find ‘7th / 11th Hussars’ – HQ 5th Canadian Armoured Division battle dress tunic. The tunic features original period applied canvas insignia. Nicely maker marked, dated 1943 in size 15. There is a number written on the interior what could be an Army Number, A-601. The 7/11 shoulder title on the left sleeve is reapplied at some point. Very nice jacket with original applied insignia. The red coloured bar indicates Brigade-Headquarter.

The 7th /  11th Hussars embarked for the U.K. on 9 October 1941, and disbanded on 1 January 1943. The personnel from this unit were absorbed by Headquarters (HQ) 5th Canadian Armoured Brigade of the 5th Canadian Armoured Division.

This is the first time we have handled or seen a 7/11 Hussars Battle Dress!

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