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1st Assault (Engineer) Regiment (Scorpion Unit) – Royal Armoured Corps (7th Armoured Brigade)


Unique 1st Assault Regiment – Royal Armoured Corps/Royal Engineers (7th Armoured Brigade) tank driver’s grouping what belonged to Cpl. Alfred Steele with army number 7906334. He enlisted at Carisle on 12-12-1939. He served with the Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) and was transferred to the Royal Engineers, HQ Sqn 7th Armoured Brigade in The Scorpion Unit which was: 1st Assault Regiment – Royal Armoured Corps/Royal Engineers. First saw action in North Africa and then NW Europe. This is documented in the engineer’s paperwork, he drove a Sherman tank in North Africa at the rank of Corporal.  With the grouping comes the man’s Scorpion patch which is Dutch made in my opinion, a very rare patch to find. The grouping consists of his lanyard, printed shoulder titles, 8th Army patches, 7th Armoured Brigade patch, tank badges, medals and ribbons, Soldier’s Service & Pay Book, some unique pictures and lots of paperwork. Cpl. Steele also saw action in Europe.
A combined Royal Armoured Corps/Royal Engineers Assault Regiment was formed in Italy during 1944, which included an RAC Flail Squadron and a RE Assault Squadron. The Flail Sqn was the successor to the Independent Scorpion Squadron. That Regiment eventually became part of the specialised 25th Armoured Assault Brigade, which operated in similar fashion to 79th Armd Div in North West Europe.
Interesting grouping! Potential research project.

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